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In-depth Insights into Availing QuickBooks Data Services

    QuickBooks Data Services

    QuickBooks data services incorporate services regarding your QB data and contain numerous subsets. These include data migration, repair, conversion, recovery, etc. If you’re interested in knowing about QuickBooks data services in detail, this blog is for you.

    Your QuickBooks data file contains crucial information you wouldn’t want to lose at any cost. Therefore, you’ll take every step to keep it up-to-date, secure, and available smoothly. Thus, data services QuickBooks become crucial to manage your data files, optimizing, converting, and condensing them per needs. So let us look into the data services in detail and learn how you can avail of them.

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    Table of Contents

    What are QuickBooks Data Services?

    QuickBooks data services involves repair, conversion, recovery, migration, and everything regarding your data file. Whatever issue or task you wish to operate on your data file, QuickBooks data service support will assist you in resolving the problem. QuickBooks Data Services help users with the following things:

    1. Repair your damaged files.
    2. Transfer your books from an old QB version to the new one.
    3. Shift your QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.
    4. Move your books from non-Intuit financial software to the QuickBooks program.

    Here’s how the QuickBooks data services work for specific products:

    Services Product
    Internal Data Movement (within Intuit QuickBooks products) QuickBooks Desktop to QB Online
    QB Online to QB Desktop
    Data Recovery QuickBooks Enterprise
    QuickBooks Mac

    QuickBooks Pro/ Premier

    QuickBooks Point of Sale
    External Data Movement (Data movement from an external application to Intuit QB products) Sage 50 Desktop to QuickBooks Desktop
    Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop
    Excel Lists and Balances to QuickBooks Desktop
    Quicken to QuickBooks Online
    Sage 50 Desktop to QuickBooks Online
    Excel Lists and Balances to QuickBooks Online

    Merits of availing of QuickBooks Data Services

    Here are the insights into how QuickBooks data services chat benefits QB users:

    Data entry automation:

    Through QuickBooks Data Services, you can enjoy automated data entry. You need not spend a considerable chunk of your time entering things manually. The application automatically imports documents from various sources like banks, vendors, creditors, etc., and copies their data into official records. You can edit and adjust these transactions later after reviewing them.

    Accurate reports:

    Data Services QuickBooks allow users to generate reports with utmost accuracy. The probability of making mistakes and mismatching the balances gets reduced significantly. Thus, correct facts and figures are available all the time for users.

    Better Security:

    If you’re afraid of your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial data getting into the wrong hands or staying unsecured, contact QuickBooks data services phone number to get in touch with the certified experts. Its advanced protection measures secure you from unauthorized access.

    Enhanced Efficiency:

    The user’s efficiency and productivity enhances when the error rate decreases while working with the QuickBooks application. QuickBooks data services facilitate better functioning and lesser problems.

    Custom Services:

    Users can specify their requirements and avail of custom QB data services. The data import and export settings can get customized to meet your specific requirements. Thus, the accounting processes get streamlined and more efficient.

    Broken files get repaired

    If your QB data files are broken, damaged, or corrupted, QB users can fix them by dialing QuickBooks data services contact number. Thus, any delay due to such issues can be eliminated timely.

    Smooth internal and external movement of books

    QuickBooks data services allow for the seamless transfer of books from one QB version to another or external application into QB. Thus, no hassles and issues remain while transferring books under the supervision of QB experts.

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    Different Types of QuickBooks Data Services

    Here is a list of the numerous kinds of data services desktop QuickBooks that can help you gain the advantages mentioned above:

    QuickBooks File Merge services:

    If you wish to merge two or more company files into a single file, you should ask for QuickBooks File Merge services. You only need to send the backup of your company files, and QB experts will take care of the remaining process. The service involves combining lists and transactions from multiple files and merging them into a single unit. After performing the necessary financial audit, we return one company file with accurate financial details.

    Functioning of merge file services-

    We first identify the primary and secondary data files to merge your files. The steps involved in joining files are as follows:

    1. Merging lists, such as customers, vendors, chart of accounts, items, employees, etc.
    2. Combining transactions (financial)

    A list name present in the primary file will get merged. However, its name will be added to the file if not available. The transactions from the secondary file get moved to the primary file.

    QuickBooks Super Condense Services:

    A QuickBooks data file that expands significantly will affect its performance negatively. For example, the sluggish performance of the data file due to its large size might lead to frequent crashes, delays in saving transactions, running reports, etc. Thus, super condensed data services QuickBooks desktop become crucial to shrinking your data file size.

    The condensation services in QB will decrease the size of the company file to at least 20% of the original one. Thus, users will gain the following benefits:

    1. Performance boost and faster QB operations.
    2. Quick loading and enhanced speed.
    3. Conversion to QB Online.
    4. Easier upgradation to the latest version.
    5. File stability and lesser prone to freezing and crashing.
    6. Adherence to the file limit.

    Thus, using the condensation services for QuickBooks can be excellent in resolving the slow QB data file performance. Condensation deletes the temporary files, audit trails, etc., created while working.

    QuickBooks File Optimization Services

    QuickBooks File Optimization Services focus on optimizing the size and performance of the data file. The data file size decreases by up to 50% as it gets copied into a new file. All the temporary data gets removed, and the file is reindexed. The data file optimization improves the file performance significantly and boosts the speed.

    You need to upload a file backup to the backup servers by getting in touch with the support team at QuickBooks data services phone number. After optimizing your file and ensuring everything is available accurately, the QB specialists return it through a secure download link.

    QuickBooks Data Repair Services

    If your QuickBooks file is damaged, corrupted, broken, or inaccessible, you should undertake QuickBooks Data Repair Services. The QB company file may get damaged due to multiple reasons. First, the QB experts look into the matter and investigate the actual causes. Then, they apply appropriate solutions to fix your file.

    They can suggest methods for you to apply, especially if the issue is easily resolvable. For instance, they can guide you through running QuickBooks in-built utilities like the Verify and Rebuild Data Utilities. Otherwise, they can run expert methods like reinstalling the QB app to rectify the error. In any case, you can relieve yourself of any burden due to these files.

    QuickBooks Data Migration Services:

    You might need to move your data files from one computer or QB version to another. When this happens, you’ll have to take care of things, so you don’t lose your data. Consulting QB specialists will help you undertake this process smoothly and carefully. Using the QB Migrator Tool, you can shift your files without any hassle. The Migrator Tool lifts the technical stuff and streamlines the transfer process.

    You can migrate from any QB version to another. Similarly, you can transfer from one computer to another without any headaches.

    QuickBooks Data Conversion Services

    QuickBooks lets you convert from the Desktop version to the Online. The opposite is also true if the customer requires it. Further, depending on your needs, you can shift from Desktop to Pro, Premier, or Enterprise. Since every edition has unique functionalities and features, you can transfer depending on your requirements. The conversion process is lengthy and complex. Thus, you may require technical help to fulfill it.

    QuickBooks Data Recovery Services

    You may lose your crucial data and files due to multiple reasons. If you suffer from unexpected and accidental data loss, contact QuickBooks data services to help recover your files. You can use the auto data recovery tool or other solutions to regain or at least a part of your lost files. The QB experts ensure you find most of what you’ve lost.

    QuickBooks List Reduction Services

    You must know that QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions have a name limit of 14,500. A name includes customers, vendors, employees, accounts, items, etc. After hitting this target by combining all the names, you’ll be requested to upgrade to the costlier QB version, called Enterprise. Condensing or super condensing your files work best for downsizing your data file and removing unused lists from the file. Turnkey data services QuickBooks are also available according to your specified criteria.

    QuickBooks Multi-Currency Removal Services:

    You may have switched multi-currency on while working on QuickBooks. However, now that you wish to disable it, you can’t do it due to QuickBooks restrictions. In such cases, QB specialists help you convert your data file into a single currency.

    QB Multi-Currency services are helpful but are known to cause a nuisance in the file. In such situations, it’s better to remove the multi-currency feature. Several integrated applications do not support this feature. So, if you wish to use such products and services, you must avail yourself of the specialized QuickBooks multi-currency removal services.

    QuickBooks International Edition Conversion

    You may be stuck with a QuickBooks version that does not belong to your country. Apart from the wrong choice, you may need to switch to another edition depending on your business needs. In such cases, QuickBooks data services allowing international edition conversion become necessary. While some limitations are inherent to the process, the QB experts ensure everything goes smoothly.

    QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal Service

    An audit trail involves maintaining all the changes made to each transaction in the data file. With the help of audit trail removal QuickBooks Data Services, users can reduce their data file size by 30-50%. The speed of the data file boosts as a consequence of this action. The Voiced/ Deleted Transactions Summary and Detail Reports entries also get deleted.

    Although the audit trail is highly beneficial in tracking who, what, and when of the changes, it can take up considerable space in the data file, thus, removing it is indispensable in improving QB performance. If you wish to avail of the QuickBooks online service data, upload your backup file to the QB experts and let them handle the remaining removal process. They’ll get back to you with a secure downloadable link to your shrunk files.

    QuickBooks Online File Preparation Services

    Are you looking to export your files from QB Desktop to QB Online? You’ll need to comply with the file size limits to accomplish this task. In such cases, file condensation services can be precious. While preparing your files from QB Online, you can trust the QuickBooks data services specialists to condense your files without affecting their content. They’ll delete the audit trail, optimize your file, and improve its speed before you export to QBO. Further, if your files are corrupted or damaged, QB experts will look after them. They’ll create new files and eliminate corruption, if any.

    Period copy creation for QB Audits

    If the authorities ask you to send them a copy of your data file for auditing, you can rely on data services QuickBooks online to create a period copy. A period copy is also useful for legal requirements, business selling purposes, etc. It involves transactions and accounts of a specified date range only. You can avail of this service in the following situations:

    1. Selling the business
    2. Creating a new business company file
    3. Legal disputes
    4. Divorce situations, etc.

    The audit trail will also get removed so that the users of the period copy can’t see the modifications.

    QuickBooks Inventory Items Conversions

    In your data file, you may need to convert specific items for better use and categorization. For instance, you may need to convert inventory items into non-inventory. Incorrect setup may be a primary reason for this conversion. Avail of QuickBooks data services to fulfill this responsibility.

    Additional QuickBooks Data Services

    The other QuickBooks data services involve the following:

    1. QB Custom programming
    2. Adding classes to all transactions
    3. Marking all pending invoices as printed/ emailed by removing the print or email letter checkmark against these boxes.

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    What to do if I’ve just started my QuickBooks Data Services case?

    When you request QuickBooks data services support and discuss your issues with the experts, they will set your expectations regarding their services. They’ll detail the procedure entailing QuickBooks data services. You’ll need to take some action items, which they will let you know about beforehand. The QuickBooks Data services process won’t begin unless you accomplish all the action items. A brief summary of these action items for Intuit data services is as follows:

    For QB Desktop Product Cases

    Here are the steps to take for cases involving QB Desktop products:

    1. Ensure to upload your company file to the appropriate website.
    2. Provide the third-party software password for your company file if you are converting from the third-party application.
    3. If you’re looking to move your QuickBooks data files from QB Online, you can utilize the apps available in the QB Apps section. They’ll help transfer your transactions like invoices, estimates, bills, etc.

    For QB Online Cases

    For cases involving QB Online, you must add Data Services as an accountant user in the QB Online account through the following steps:

    1. Tap the Gear icon, followed by Manage Users.
    2. Head to the Accountants tab.
    3. Enter an invite to the appropriate QuickBooks Data Services team.

    Ensure to provide the company file password if you are converting from third-party software to QuickBooks. Try to avoid delays in this process, as the QuickBooks Data Services team reviews the different cases hourly. Missing the action items can lead to the postponement of your case.

    Both QB Desktop and Online Cases

    Cases, where both QB Desktop and QB Online are involved, require the following action items for data services solutions:

    1. QB Data Solution providers do not assist with the data transfer from QB Online to QB Desktop.
    2. You can export lists and balances from QB Online through simple steps.
    3. Some apps can help you move transaction data like bills, estimates, and invoices from QB Online. Move your data through these apps.

    Which Type of Files to Upload?

    You can seamlessly upload or download your files with Intuit Customer Financial Exchange through a few steps. The type of files you can upload are as follows:

    Current QB software File Type Extension
    QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise .QBW – Company file

    .QBB – Backup file

    .QBA – Accountant’s Copy file

    .QBM – Portable Company file

    QuickBooks Desktop for Mac .qb20xx or unencrypted backup file (.dmg or .qbb)
    QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale .qpb or .db
    Third-party software you are converting to QuickBooks Desktop Software: Any backup or working file for your software, including the password on a text document (if applicable).


    Cloud Software: If you can’t invite QB experts as a user to your account, login credentials for access to your company will be required.

    Multiple files to the same case ID can also be uploaded, and you can do it one at a time.

    What to do if my company file is too large to upload?

    If your company file is not the appropriate size and is too large to upload for QuickBooks data services, undertake the following actions:

    Create a portable company file:

    A portable company file is a compact version of your company file, which can be easily emailed or put into a USB. It can also assist in fixing minor data issues through the following steps:

    Update QB Desktop:

    You should update your QB application to ensure you have the latest version.
    1. Head to the help menu.
    2. Select Update QB Desktop.
    3. Choose to Get Updates.
    4. Click the Update Now option.

    After updating QB Desktop, proceed to the next data services payroll step.

    Form a backup

    A backup file will help you prevent accidental data losses. While the portable company file is beneficial in sharing or moving accounting data around, it cannot replace a complete backup. The portable file will not include message templates, logos, images, or templates. Further, it doesn’t include .tlg, .log files, Loan Manager, Fixed Asset Manager files, or Statement Writer.

    Back up your company files through the following steps:

    1. Head to the File menu.
    2. Select Local Backup.
    3. Create Back up files.

    Now, let’s move to the step of creating portable company files for data service solutions.

    Create a portable company file

    The steps involved in forming a portable backup file are as follows:

    1. Launch QuickBooks and access it as an administrator.
    2. Head to the File menu and tap the Create Company option.
    3. Choose the portable Company File icon and hit Next.
    4. Assign a unique name to your portable company file to help differentiate it from the regular company file.
    5. Choose a location to save this company file. Ensure it’s an easy-to-locate and access.
    6. Tap Save and OK once you’re ready.

    Send it online or on a USB disk if you have a portable company file. It will appear as yourcompanyfile.qbm.

    Launch the portable company file

    The portable version of your company file can be opened through the following steps:

    1. Launch QB and open it as an admin.
    2. Tap File, followed by Open or Restore a company.
    3. Choose to restore a portable file, then tap Next.
    4. Choose your portable company file and hit Open.
    5. Read the notes on the Where you want to restore the file page. Select Next once you’re done.
    6. Once you’re ready to open the file, hit Save.

    QuickBooks will reindex your data automatically when you open your portable company file. Then, it will fix the data issues.

    Create a snail mail

    The next alternative is to create a snail mail. It involves sending a copy of your data file on a USB drive to one of the Intuit locations for payroll data services.

    Bottom Line

    QuickBooks data services allow QB users to manage their data files, recover lost files, restore everything, migrate, convert, and optimize their performance. It is a critical aspect that affects QuickBooks’ functioning. We hope this blog enlightens you about the numerous QB data services available at your disposal. However, if you need a professional to assist you with the procedure or know more about this aspect, consider ringing 1.833.802.0002.

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    What to do if I have a QB Desktop file but not software?

    You must have a backup of your company file to avail QuickBooks Data Services. If you have it, you can use any of the following options to access your data:

    1. You can install QB on a new computer using the original license and product numbers.
    2. A trial version of QuickBooks Desktop can help launch your company file.

    Is it possible to transfer my QuickBooks Desktop data to or from QB Online?

    Several reasons may prompt you to move your data. First, you should save your info to the cloud and create a backup of your online data to the local drive.

    How does my business data stay protected?

    If you use the online form to transfer data, it will remain protected. Industry-standard SSL encryption is used for data protection and security. Further, the data gets removed from our servers as quickly as possible after accomplishing the task. The copy gets saved on our servers during conversion. After the conversion process ends, the data gets moved to secure offline storage, where it gets encrypted. A best practice is to have a password on your data file while getting QuickBooks data conversion services.

    Why should you choose us for your QuickBooks Data Services?

    You should consider us for your QuickBooks data services for the following reasons:

    1. Comprehensive data solutions: We are an extensively experienced company offering a wide range of secure data service solutions. You can concentrate on expanding your business while we assist in managing technical snags.
    2. Accounting and IT expertise: We comprise a team of passionate and dedicated experts proficient in accounting and IT. We allow boosting the company’s general effectiveness with our committed team.
    3. Cross-industry and operational expertise: Our team understands all the metrics in-depth and uses the leading industry practices to serve our clients and fulfill their requirements.
    4. Customized Solutions: We offer customized data service solutions for all our clients, regardless of their company size.
    5. Competitive Rates: Our prices are competitive and address everyone’s needs, from minor to mid and large-scale businesses.
    6. All-time customer support: Our team is available to offer customer assistance 24*7. You can call or chat with us anytime.
    7. Accurate and Timely Solutions: Our team offers highly precise and timely data services solutions. Further, it’s completely secure, so you don’t worry about data loss.

    Thus, all these factors make us the leading choice for QuickBooks Data Services.

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