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QuickBooks Error Code 267: Rebuild not Working[ FIXED]

    QuickBooks Error Code 267

    QuickBooks error code 267 is an unusual error that is said to have occurred after opening an old invoice to view it. The Rebuild Data utility fails even if you attempt to run it multiple times, and you see QuickBooks error message 267. Coming to the solutions, this blog contains unique and helpful solutions, including using the Condense Data utility, re-creating an invoice without affecting your bank balance, updating the software, etc, to help you get past the error swiftly.

    QuickBooks error code 267 is an uncommon error in QuickBooks. Trying to self-resolve this error may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Secondly, this error is somehow related to the company file, which makes it a critical error. Therefore, fixing this error under an expert’s guidance is highly recommended. Get in touch with a QuickBooks expert now. Dial +1 833-802-0002 and express your concerns to an expert. They are skilled in resolving any QuickBooks error in no time.

    What Triggers QuickBooks Error 267

    Like typical QuickBooks errors, error code 267 in QB can be triggered for a number of reasons. We have outlined all the reasons below in a very detailed manner. Let’s have a quick glance at the causes one by one.

    1. A damaged Invoice is the fundamental cause of QuickBooks error 267.
    2. An incorrect balance on the balance sheet will likely trigger this open sync not working after QuickBooks rebuild data issue.
    3. In case of missing transactions or items from a data file.
    4. In case the records on the balance sheet are incorrect.
    5. Void or wrong entries on the invoices may also trigger QuickBooks Error 267.
    6. In case any discrepancy gets recorded in financial reports.

    General Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 267

    The general solutions outlined below will help you address the Rebuild not working issue. Let’s have a quick look at the solutions one by one:

    Solution 1. Use the Condense Data Utility

    Condense Data Utility
    Use the Condense Data Utility

    If the QuickBooks Rebuild Data utility is not working,using the Condense Data utility may significantly help resolve the issue. The Condense Data utility streamlines your company file and improves its performance. Let’s follow the comprehensive steps below and learn how to condense data while keeping all transactions.

    1. Firstly, select the File menu, then choose Utilities.
    2. Further, select Condense Data and then select Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date.
    3. Hit Next and let the process complete.
    4. Select Close to conclude.

    If the Quickbooks Rebuild Data utility still does not workdespite using the Condense Data utility, move to the next solution and update the program.

    Solution 2. Update QB as per the Latest Release

    If you see QuickBooks error message 267, updating the QBDT to the latest release is another reliable alternative you can opt for. Let’s follow the thorough steps outlined below and learn how to keep the software up-to-date.

    Download QuickBooks updates
    Update QuickBooks
    1. Firstly, click the Help menu from the top menu bar and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Further, go to the Update Now section and mark the Reset Update box.
    3. Click the Get Updates button next to the Reset Update checkbox, and hit OK to confirm.

    Effective Solutions to Overcome QuickBooks Error 267 Due to Damaged Invoice

    A damaged invoice may cause QuickBooks error code 267. In order to get rid of this error, we’ll first delete and recreate the same invoice. Then, we’ll apply the available credits to pay for it. Afterward, we’ll try to run the Verify and Rebuild Data utility to ensure the error has been overcome. Let’s follow the solutions in the given order for the best result.

    Solution 1. Re-create an Invoice without Affecting Your Bank Balance

    Before re-creating an invoice, you need to create a credit memo. Let’s follow the detailed steps outlined below for the same.

    create an Invoice
    create an Invoice
    1. Select + New menu and then select Credit memo.
    2. Select the customer’s name from the Customer dropdown.
    3. Further, enter the product or service under the Product/Service column.
    4. Also, enter the amount. It should be the same amount you want to mark as paid on the invoice.
    5. Finally, click Save and close when you are done.

    Now, let’s follow the intricate steps below and link this to the invoice.

    1. Go to the Sales tab and choose Invoices.
    2. Further, look for the invoice in question and then click to open it.
    3. Hit the Receive Payment button, and further on the Receive Payment page, ensure that only the selected invoice is what you want to mark as paid.
    4. Tick the checkbox for the credit memo you created earlier under the Credits section.
    5. Lastly, hit Save and close when you are done.

    If that doesn’t help eliminate QuickBooks error code 267, move to the next solution and use the Verify and Rebuild Data tool.

    Solution 2. Run the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

    We all know how crucial a company file is from a business point of view. Data damage or corruption in the company file may put essential stats and information at stake. In the worst case, you may also lose a significant amount of data, disrupting all-important day-to-day financial operations. In order to get rid of this, experts recommend running the Verify and Rebuild Data utility. The Verify Data utility first identifies the issues in the company file. Then, the Rebuild Data utility is used to fix those issues. Let’s follow the intricate steps below and run the tool effortlessly.

    Step 1: Verify the Company Data

    1. Firstly, select Close All after going to the Window menu in QuickBooks.
    2. Further, move to the File menu, select Utilities, and then select Verify Data.
    3. Once the verification procedure is finished, you will see the following results:
      • QuickBooks detected no problems with your data – This means your company file is good enough to be used. You need not perform any further repair procedures.
      • An error message – In case you receive an error message, search for that error on our website and find its precise solution.
      • Your data has lost integrity – This means your company file has suffered data corruption and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

    Let’s assume your company data has lost its integrity; in that case, move to step 2 below and run the Rebuild Data utility to fix the data damage.

    Step 2: Run the Rebuild Data Utility

    QB Rebuild Data Utility
    QB Rebuild Data Utility
    1. First, select Utilities from the File menu and then select the Rebuild Data option.
    2. Now, QuickBooks will prompt you to create a company file backup. This is to ensure that your data is secure from any damage or corruption. Hit OK to confirm that you are ready to create a backup.
    3. The next step is to choose where you want to save the backup company file. Once you are done with that, select OK. Secondly, ensure that you do not replace the existing backup copy.
    4. Further, in the File Name text box, give a new name to the backup file and select Save.
    5. Furthermore, click the File menu again in QuickBooks and select Utilities.
    6. Next, select Verify Data to check for any additional damage in the company file. You may see the following results:
      • If more data damage is found, you will need to fix those errors manually. Search for the error on our website and look for the troubleshooting steps to resolve it effortlessly.
      • If you don’t get any errors, consider restoring the recent backup. To do that, go to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.

    Still Need Help in Resolving QuickBooks error code 267?

    With this section, we are about to wind up our blog in the hope that you have certainly got rid of QuickBooks error code 267. The solutions you went through in this blog were recommended by experts and have successfully resolved this error in most cases. However, if QuickBooks error message 267 still pops up, you have another reliable alternative to opt for. Dial +1 833-802-0002 and talk to an expert now. They are available 24*7*365 for you so that your experience with QuickBooks always remains seamless and hassle-free.


    What happens if QuickBooks desktop error 267 is left unresolved?

    Encountering unusual errors such as QuickBooks error 267 while working on your company file isn’t ideal because it may result in data damage. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you find a way to fix it as quickly as possible.

    Out of the Verify Data utility and the Rebuild Data utility, which tool should be ideally run first for maximum result?

    Usually, the Verify Data tool is primarily run to detect the underlying errors in the company file, and then the Rebuild Data tool is run to fix those errors. However, you can still run the Rebuild Data tool first.

    What is the leading cause of error code 267 in QBDT?

    A damaged Invoice is one of the leading causes that trigger QB error code 267.

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