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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3645: Data Integrity Verify Fail

    QuickBooks Error 3645

    QuickBooks error 3645 is a data verification error that occurs due to issues with the integrity of your company data. Data integrity issues include, damage or corruption in the company file that can be mainly fixed by running the Verify and Rebuild tool. Follow this detailed blog to learn about the best solutions to rectify this company file error swiftly.

    This comprehensive article will help you resolve error code 3645 in QuickBooks. However, if you aren’t tech-savvy or have time constraints, you can contact our QB professionals at +1-833-802-0002 for immediate assistance in fixing the error.

    In case you are wondering, “Why am I getting QuickBooks error 3645 while running a data verification process.”Refer to the list of reasons given below to understand why this error arises. Learning about these reasons will help you understand the error better and resolve it with more clarity. The main reasons for this error code are as follows –

    • The data verification process in QuickBooks keeps failing, and the software is unable to verify the data integrity.
    • Your QuickBooks company file data might be damaged, corrupted, or broken.
    • QuickBooks might not be installed correctly, or the application might face some general program issues.
    • Essential QB files, like the QuickBooksDownloader.exe.config file might not be running correctly.

    These are the major reasons behind the data integrity verification error. Now, let’s move to the next section to learn about the troubleshooting solutions to resolve it.

    Until QB error code 3645 is resolved, you won’t be able to verify the integrity of data successfully. Thus, after understanding the causes of this error, follow the resolution process mentioned below to eliminate this error once and for all –

    Solution 1 – Use the Verify/Rebuild Data Tool in QB

    To remove QuickBooks error code 3645, you need to address the problems with the integrity of your data. For this, run the Verify/Rebuild Data tool that can help identify and fix issues with your QB company file. Follow the detailed steps given below to run the utility –

    Step 1 – Run the Verify Data Tool and Identify Data issues

    Using the Verify Data tool can help verify the company data integrity issues. To run this tool, implement the steps mentioned below –

    QB Verify Data Utility
    QB Verify Data Utility
    1. Open Window, then click Close All and access the QuickBooks File menu.
    2. Next, select the Utilities tab and click Verify Data, then run the tool and undertake the following actions –
      • If the Verify tool detects no problems with your data, it means your data confirms integrity, and you don’t need to follow further steps.
      • If an error message appears on your screen, go to the search bar on this site, search for the error, and find out how to eliminate it.
      • Lastly, if the “company data has lost integrity” message appears, it means that data damage was found, and you need to run the Rebuild Data tool to address it.

    Once the process is complete, move to the next step and run the Rebuild Data tool.

    Step 2 – Utilize the Rebuild Data Utility

    After the data issues are identified, use the Rebuild Data tool to fix the issues by following the steps given below –

    QB Rebuild Data Utility
    QB Rebuild Data Utility
    1. Launch QuickBooks and move to the File tab, then click Utilities and select Rebuild Data.
    2. Further, QuickBooks will ask to create a backup before running the rebuild process. Select OK, then create a backup and save the file, followed by hitting OK again. Make sure not to replace another backup file, then enter a new name in the File name field and hit Save.
    3. Next, when the Rebuild has completed message appears, click OK and move back to the File section.
    4. Select the Utilities tab, then click Verify Data again and review the data for any additional damage.
      • If more damage is found, manually fix the identified issues by searching for the error(s) in the qbwin.log on the QuickBooks Desktop Support Site. Then, learn about the solutions to fix them effectively.
      • If the data is free of errors, restore the file backup from the File menu. Select the Open or Restore Company option, and once the backup is restored, rerun QB.

    Note: Remember not to replace your existing company file with the backup version. You’ll need to re-enter information since the backup was created.

    Open QuickBooks and check the status of QuickBooks error message 3645. If the error message persists, move to troubleshooting solution 2.

    Solution 2 – Use QuickBooks File Doctor from the QB Tool Hub

    The company file damage needs to be resolved to fix the Data Integrity Verification Failed error. For this, utilize the QuickBooks File Doctor utility and run a company file repair process. This tool fixes general company file and network problems. You can run the tool by following the steps below –

    Step 1 – Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

    The first step is to download the setup file and then install the QB Tool Hub. You can install this utility by implementing the detailed steps mentioned below –

    QuickBooks Tool Hub
    QuickBooks Tool Hub
    1. Close QuickBooks, then download the recent QB Tool Hub version by clicking here and save the setup file at an accessible location.
      Note: If you already have a QB Tool Hub version installed on the PC, you can find out which version you have by going to the bottom of the Home tab.
    2. Now, open the downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe setup file, follow the on-screen steps to install the program, and accept the terms and conditions.
    3. Once the installation process ends, double-click the QB Tool Hub icon on your Windows desktop and open the program.

    Note: If you are unable to locate the program icon, manually search in the Windows search bar for “QuickBooks Tool Hub” and access it.

    Once QuickBooks Tool Hub is successfully installed on the system, move to the next step and use the Quick Fix My File tool.

    Step 2 – Run the Quick Fix My File Utility

    The Quick Fix My File tool can fix general company file problems in QuickBooks Desktop. You can run this tool by going through the steps given below –

    1. Firstly, open the QB Tool Hub, then move to the Company File Issues section and select the Quick Fix My File tool.
    2. Next, run the tool, and once it stops, select OK and launch QuickBooks again.

    Now, check if the data integrity issues are resolved; however, if they persist, use the QB File Doctor in the next section.

    Step 3 – Utilize the QB File Doctor Utility

    If the Quick Fix My File tool is unable to resolve the issues with your company file, run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. This utility can fix the company file damage and corruption that cause QuickBooks Desktop error 3645. Follow the steps provided below to successfully run this tool –

    QucikBooks File Doctor
    QucikBooks File Doctor
    1. From the QB Tool Hub, access the Company File Issues menu, then select the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
      Note: Wait for the tool to open that can take up to a minute. However, if QuickBooks File Doctor doesn’t open, manually search for “QuickBooks Desktop File Doc” in the Windows search bar and access the tool.
    2. Once the tool opens, access the drop-down menu and choose the company file that needs to be repaired. If you can’t find the file, select Browse and Search and pick the file that needs to be fixed.
    3. Lastly, select the Check your file option, hit Continue, then enter your QuickBooks admin password and click Next.

    The company file scan process may take 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the file. Sometimes, the scan may say that the process was unsuccessful, even if it fixes your issue. Thus, once the process is completed, launch QuickBooks and review the company file. If the data integrity issues persist, move to the next solution. 

    Solution 3 – Manually Remove QuickBooks Downloader Files

    Sometimes, this specific error may arise when certain .exe files in QuickBooks are not running properly. To tackle this, manually remove the following QB files from the PC by implementing the steps below –

    1. Firstly, press the Windows + E keys and access Windows File Explorer.
    2. Locate the QuickBooksDownloader.exe.config and QuickBooksDownloader.exe.manifest files.
    3. Now, right-click each file and click Delete to remove them from the system. Once both the files are removed, reopen QuickBooks and run the data verification process.

    Now, check if the data verification issues are resolved. If you are still getting the data verification failed error, move to the next solution and perform a QBDT repair process

    Solution 4 – Perform a QBDT Repair Process

    If the data integrity verification has failed in QuickBooks, your program might be facing general issues. It is also possible that the program is not correctly installed on the PC. To address this error, repair QuickBooks by installing the QB Tool Hub and running its tools in the following manner –

    Step 1 – Run the Quick Fix My Program Utility

    The Quick Fix My Program tool can help fix general program problems that might lead to errors while verifying the data. This tool first terminates background processes used by QBDT. Then, runs a quick repair on the program. To successfully run this utility, undertake the steps given below –

    1. Open QuickBooks Tool Hub, then from the Program Problems section, select the Quick Fix My Program tool and initiate the repair process.
    2. Wait for the tool to stop running, then reopen QuickBooks Desktop and access your data file.

    Once done, check if the data verification issues are resolved. If the error persists, use the QB Install Diagnostic tool in the next section.

    Step 2 – Utilize the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Utility

    If you are still facing error code 3645 in QuickBooks even after using the Quick Fix My Program tool, consider running the QB Install Diagnostic tool. You can run this utility in the following manner –

    1. Firstly, open QuickBooks Tool Hub, then navigate to the Installation Issues tab and choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
    2. Let the tool run, and when the process is complete (which can take up to 20 minutes), restart your computer.
    3. Lastly, relaunch QuickBooks Desktop, access your data file, and update the app and QB payroll to the latest release.

    Now, check if the installation issues are rectified and you are able to verify the data integrity successfully.

    We hope this detailed article helps you resolve QuickBooks error 3645 with ease. However, if the error has still not been resolved due to whatever reasons, you can reach out to our QuickBooks experts by dialing +1-833-802-0002 to get immediate guidance.

    What does it mean to rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Rebuilding your QB data essentially means fixing the integrity issues found in the data files. First, you need to run a verification process that detects issues with the company data and then rebuilds the data to eliminate the identified issues.

    How often should you rebuild data in QuickBooks?

    Intuit recommends rebuilding your data every week or two so that problems are detected before they impact your productivity. This can help maintain a healthy company file condition. The rebuild frequency also depends on the issues identified while running data verification.

    Is it important to create a company file backup before using the Verify/ Rebuild Data tool?

    Yes, it is recommended that you create a backup of the company file before undergoing the verification process. This ensures that your data is secure and that there is no risk of accidental data loss while running the Verify/Rebuild Data tool.

    Can repairing QuickBooks help fix QuickBooks error code 3645?

    Yes, sometimes data integrity verification issues might arise when the software isn’t properly installed or when program issues are prevalent. In such a case, repairing QuickBooks before reviewing the data integrity can be helpful.

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